Caring for your Artwork

Regular maintenance is highly recommended to keep your artwork in good condition.
Here are some useful tips:

• Place the artwork in a dry and well-ventilated place.
• Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent color fading due to UV Rays.
• Keep artwork away from cigarette smoke as it can stain.
• Avoid high humidity because it can damage the work made from prints.
• High humidity can also create conditions that attract termites
• Oil paintings should not be rolled for a long time. It has to be stretched on the spanram so that the paint doesn't crack.
• Artwork on paper must be mounted on a rigid base or base, and framed to avoid damage from mishandling and dirt
• To clean the canvas, clean the surface with a soft brush - not with a damp cloth.
• For paintings made of paper wrapped in glass, if cleaned with a spray. Make sure to spray it on a soft cloth first and then wipe it on the glass. Never spray directly onto the glass, to prevent liquid from seeping underneath.

With regular maintenance, problems can be found early allowing for easier prevention (preservation) or recovery (restoration).

Observing the Early Signs of Damage in Painting works:
• Artwork Color Change
• The appearance of brown spots, both on the Painting and Frame matboard
• There is dirt under the glass
• Cracked glass frame
• Saggy canvas

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