UKRAINE CHARITY Painting Exhibition for Children Victims of War

8 October 2022


JAVANESE DANCE by Mitra Hadiprana Dancers
2.00 - 4.00 pm

Last Saturday was truly a special occasion for Hadiprana Gallery as we hosted the Ukraine Charity Painting Exhibition. In the spirit of unity for the children who became victims of war in Ukraine, we presented Ukrainian artists and their artworks at our second-floor studio for the public to view and donate until the end of October.

This event was a collaboration between the Ukraine embassy and Hadiprana gallery as we celebrate 30 years of Indonesian and Ukraine diplomatic relationship. We had distinguished guests from Ukraine: Her Excellency Ms Olena Kondratyuk, the Vice Speaker of the Parliament, His excellency Mr Oleksandr Merezkho the Head of the Parliamentary Foreign Policy Committee and His excellency Mr Vassil Hamianin Ambassador of Ukraine. We also acknowledged the presence of other foreign representatives among the attendees. Her Excellency Penny Williams, the ambassador of Australia. Her Excellency Marina Berg, the ambassador of Sweden. His Excellency Pekka Kailihahti, the ambassador of Finland. His Excellency Kenji Kanasugi, the ambassador of Japan. His Excellency Lambert Grijns, the ambassador of Netherlands. His Excellency Padraig Francis, the ambassador of Ireland. Special envoy of the President of Seychelles to ASEAN, His Excellency Niko Barito and founder of FPCI, His excellency Dino Patti Djalal.

Sari Kusumo, a Javanese dance performed by 13 Mitra Hadiprana Dancers, opened the charity exhibition. The dance symbolized women's meek hearts who are ready to embrace children. As the guests are entertained by the cultural message, a series of inspiring speeches from Ms Puri Hadiprana and our honourable Ukraine officials filled the main forum. Afterwards, another procession led the distinguished guests to the exhibition room. It was a contemporary Javanese dance by Ms Eka. On their arrival at the studio, they enjoyed Ukraine’s fine wine and the artwork. Those who came gave generously to the cause with the hope of making good changes for the children's future.

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