Suprobo's Painting Workshop

22 August 2022

With (Friend to Friend with Tatler)
2.00 - 4.00 pm

"Art is not hard, and you can paint if you want." This sentence marked the opening of the Suprobo painting workshop. Armed with his vast portfolio as his presentation, he gave the Hadiprana art lovers ideas to develop their artworks. Think simple was the guideline for everyone. Focus on one object and try to put it somewhere on the canvas. The next step was to choose the colour. After making a good composition, the colours would enhance the meaning. 

There are great pieces created in this only 2 hours workshop. Some of the participants were astonished to know they made such a strong expression of their feelings. Our maestro shared his knowledge and wisdom on how to make an individual statement. This fact has surprised many, including the art lovers themselves.

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