11 April 2023

By Sekolah (SMP) Kembang
Niway - Nawasena

Children are the future of a nation because they are also the continuation of values and traditions in any society. With this mindset, the passing down to the next generation was done as a school program by Sekolah Kembang. They made a class visit to the gallery and met our artist Niway, who presented her artworks with the backstory for each painting at her solo exhibition, NAWASENA.

The junior high students were very active in asking questions about the painting process and the meaning of each piece. The interaction was wonderful. No questions were too simple or hard to answer. The students were free to discuss their curiosity.

There were two paintings that the class really liked: The Last Supper and Saat Teduh. At the end of the visit, the students and their teacher took a picture together with Niway in front of the two paintings. It was a memorable time both for Niway and positively for the students of Sekolah Kembang too.

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