24 August 2022

Fashion Show by Agnes Budhisurya, Culture Edge, Iyonono, Nila Baharuddin, Salaga, Putri Pare and Wanita. 
(guest of honour Mrs Mien Uno)
2.00 - 4.00 pm

“Together with Art, we rise for each other.” This is the essence of Hadiprana Gallery’s Grand opening. The motto that the house adopted to celebrate the 60th Anniversary in the industry. As the oldest Art gallery in Indonesia, Hadiprana Gallery has a great legacy in upholding and preserving Indonesian culture. Yet all the journey would never be made possible without the constant support from artists and collectors alike. This year, as we are recuperating from the pandemic and the loss we experienced together, we are reminded that life is truly unpredictable. Only when we are united, we can rise to make things better for the future.

At the Grand opening this year, we had Mrs Mien Uno as our guest of honour. She was the one who stood by us from the beginning, and it was a great pleasure to share the achievement with her. We extended the invitation even further for more artisans to be part of the Hadiprana Gallery family. A presentation of wearable artworks is shown through the collection of prominent Indonesian designers who elevated their designs to the Fine art level. Our afternoon presentations include Agnes Budhisurya’s paintings, which we can wear as scarves and gowns. Culture Edge's homage to Arjuna, Iyonono’s distinct weaving, Nila Baharuddin's playful ensemble of colours, Salaga’s geometric lines, and both Putri Pare and Wanita’s elegant kebayas. All designs speak volumes about the archipelago's fashion heritage. 

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