Galang Kangin

Exhibition celebrating the 22th anniversary of the Galang Kangin Balinese artist collective. Featuring the works of Galang Kangin’s 12 members, the event will be available for viewing in August 2020. Becoming is a captivating and fresh display of both individuality and collectivism. It is the kind of exhibition where its beauty is truly greater than the sum of the works on display. Artists showcase a diverse menagerie of styles, colors and perspectives united by one shared idea of continuous the exploration.
Twenty two years of tireless exploration carried out individually and as a group has clearly played a major role in elevating their skills and visual vocabulary. Without that aesthetic maturity, it would be very difficult for an artist to dodge the trap of creating a single narrative artwork; a visual slogan that, albeit beautiful, is lacking the ability to inspire and incite meaningful public discourse.
The group’s aesthetic maturity is coherent with its perpetual quest for identity. In its early years, it identified and defined identity as a signature visual element and vocabulary exclusive to a specific painter. Years of exploration revealed to them that identity is not a static and permanent thing. Instead, it is an idea that undergoes constant revision. Through the constant and deliberate process of finding and redefining that identity, a perpetual shift between being and becoming, members of Galang Kangin deliberately keep themselves on the edge. They refuse the comfortable life of established artists to pursue new themes, new explorations and a new visual language.
This exhibition is the result of their refusal to stay in their comfort zone, a daring act of abandoning their signature style to embrace their current identity and perspective.

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