15 April 2023


An Art Theraphy Workshop II by Niway

Explore your inner thoughts and mend your heart with art.

Back by popular demand, Niway held another free Art Therapy workshop at Hadiprana Gallery last Saturday. Like the first one, the attendance came from various ages and backgrounds. Mother and child, students, career women and art lovers joined the fun. They all had one thing in common, wanting to know more about themselves through art.

In this session, Niway gave guidance to express oneself further. Using music and multiple art media, everyone can see their inner thoughts reflected on the paper. Niway also reminded the participants to continue their exploration after the workshop. “God has given us creativity waiting to be discovered by us.” According to Niway, there is a need to recognize art in every aspect of life. Art and beauty are in everything, yet not everyone understands how to unleash or express them the right way. 

The Hadiprana Gallery gave our gratitude to Niway and her generous heart by providing a free art therapy workshop at the gallery. All materials and programs were given directly by the artist. It was a genuine gift for Hadiprana friends in this blessed holy month.

*** We would like to ask for help from Hadiprana friends who attended Feel the Beat with Niway. We found some artworks left at the Gallery and others which went missing. If any of the Hadiprana friends found the artwork or accidentally mistook them for your own please contact us, so we can arrange the return at info.hadipranagallery@gmail.com or WA 0858 9158 7772 (Desi)

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