Dolorosa's Sculpture Workshop

3 September 2022

2.00 - 4.00 pm

A Maestro is hard to find, especially someone with a constant passion and ideas like Dolorosa Sinaga. Her lifelong pursuit as a sculpting artist made her one of the few specialists in the industry. Dolorosa is known for her ways of capturing movements and human dynamism. Most of her sculptures talked about women and their struggle, the joy of life and culture as a whole. For the 60th anniversary of Hadiprana Gallery, we invited this strong lady to pay homage to the dedication and friendship she gave us since we established ourselves as the first gallery in the country. 

She gave a strong presentation and taught the Hadiprana Art Lovers how to build a sculpture from a simple material; aluminium foil. The object almost anyone can find in their kitchen becomes the core element for art expression. That day, we can see different people from various ages, backgrounds and cultures get together and try their best to make a dancing girl, a mother or a working man. It was a memorable experience for some and a headache for others, yet overall all the attendees had fun and learnt that it took more than just twisting and turning to make a fine artwork.

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