Didiet Maulana's Seminar

8 September 2022

(Kebaya & Art Seminar)
2.00 - 4.00 pm

Kebaya is one of the Indonesian cultural identification alongside the Batik cloth. It is another heritage we as a nation try our best to preserve. The struggle continues not only to obtain recognition from the next generation but also from the international community. Kebaya has been worn by the Javanese and the surrounding archipelago for 500 years. Today, we have made it into part of our national identity. 

Didiet Maulana acknowledges this sensitive issue. He recognized the complexity of Kebaya as an endangered art form. “If we still want to keep the tradition alive, then Kebaya needs to be part of our lifestyle.” Didiet further explained that we also see Kebaya in various art forms. The old masters' paintings gave so many references to Kebaya. Doelah, Basuki Abdullah, and even most Hadiprana Gallery painters such as Josephine Liggar, Sunaryo, Suprobo, Rudy Mardijanto, Sudigdo and many more do produce images of Indonesian women in traditional attire. Our task is to keep reminding one another of the beauty of Kebaya and the necessity to preserve its functions alive.

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