4 - 9 December 2023


The art scene in Indonesia is constantly changing. Before the independence day, we have the like of Raden Saleh, who created classical paintings that retold heroic stories of Indonesia’s struggles for independence. Yet now we have ARUNIKA, a community of women artists who gave their perspectives to improve people’s understanding of Indonesia’s diverse culture.

The opening of the ARUNIKA exhibition on December 4th was a great celebration of art and women's fellowship. The event had a wonderful atmosphere to witness how women supported one another through art and creativity. The visitors and friends of ARUNIKA can view the artworks until 9 December 2023. After the successful opening, the ARUNIKA community also gave art programs such as Painting with disabled children on the 7th of December and the Artist Talk featuring the renowned curator Baron Basuning on 8 December 2023.

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