6 October 2022

ALLEIRA Fashion Show
AMERO Jewellry & PTI
2.00 - 4.00 pm

The laughter from acquaintances and the warmth of our familiar faces are things you can expect at Hadiprana Gallery, as we hosted Alleira and Amero jewellery for their latest collection. At the event, we also featured Perempuan Tangguh Indonesia (The strong women of Indonesia) for awareness of the creative deaf community. The elegant fashion in Batik fabric combined with people's excitement to celebrate Hari Batik Nasional made the occasion joyous and memorable. 

Lisa Mihardja, the founder of Alleira, has invited her close friends to showcase her design. As each lady walked to the crowd, the audience cheered not just for the beautiful pieces and one-of-a-kind jewellery they were wearing but also for the elegance they showed through their modelling. What made the event extra special was the moment members of Perempuan Tangguh Indonesia shared their vision and dreams that one day the disabled would no longer be recognised by their inability but by their strengths and creations to move forward.

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