Wayan Bawa Antara

Born in Ubud Bali on 1974. Bawa Antara Graduated from the Indonesian Institute of Fine Arts (Indonesian Art Institute - STSI) in Denpasar on 1999. He was fortunate enough to be born into an artist family in Tebesaya Ubud, where many residents there work as traditional Balinese painters. Bawa Antara is known as a painter who bridged the gap between traditionalism and modern realism. Although exposed to and influenced by a modern atmosphere from his academic background, he pertains a strong value of Balinese tradition. This makes his works more than just a show of the exotica of Bali. In many of his paintings, Bawa Antara always features his ornamental style. He is very skilled at refine and meticulously detailed paintings. Clearly seen in his ‘dancer’ paintings, he puts attention to delicate ornaments, such as the dancers’ costumes (coronal and masks). It is fascinating to see that many of his figurative paintings evokes a mysterious question: "What is the subject thinking? " He used increased color, clarity, and contrast to emphasize the foreground while maintaining depth in the background through various shades, tones and opacity.  Bawa Antara has developed into one of the most popular young artists from Bali. He is respected by his consistency and loyalty in detailed, figurative and realistic depictions of the Balinese culture. He often holds both solo and group exhibitions in Bali and Jakarta. In 2010, Bawa Antara hold his solo exhibition entitled “Innocence” at The Art Parliament House of Singapore.