Rudy Mardiyanto

He was born on November 21, 1967 in Blora, Central Java. He grew up helping his farmer parents work in the field, and he was one of the first, within his family, to focus in the world of fine arts. Before aspiring to be a Painter, Rudy's talent for painting was already evident since his childhood years. His playtime included drawing his favorite puppet figures.  He often watched shadow-puppet shows, he initially wanted to become a puppeteer who he thought was a great and versatile person. Being a painter far from the shadow he was as a child. But after becoming a teenager, he wanted to pursue his passion in becoming an artist. After graduating high school in his hometown, he chose to continue to the Indonesian Fine Art Institute (ISI) Jogjakarta until completing his undergraduate studies in 1994. His painting skills were honed even more and reaped results in 1997, when he became a Finalist in the Philip Morris Art Award competition. His professional career progressed, and he achieved a solo exhibition at Utterly Art Singapore in 2007 and 2009. In 2013 a solo exhibition at Interpr8 Art Space Malaysia. His works are inspired by socio-cultural activities in his hometown of Blora and where he lives in Yogyakarta. The figures in the paintings are characterized by villagers with Javanese culture. But what makes his paintings interesting is the faces of the figures that always radiates a happy atmosphere.