Putu Bonuz Sudiana

He was born on 30 December 1972 in the tiny island of Nusa Penida of the southeast coast of Bali. In a place known for its fishing and seaweed farming, BonuzSudiana'schildhood began to learn painting fishing boats. He has great interest in painting yet, it was unusual in his fishing village community, but this did not discourage him from wanting to study painting formally. After finishing junior high school in Nusa Penida, he bravely moved to Bali to study at the High School of Fine Arts (SMSR). Then in 1995 he continued to the Fine Arts College of Indonesia (STSI, now the Indonesia Arts Institute, ISI) in Denpasar. Before his graduation in 2002he was awarded as a Semi Finalist of The Philip Morris Art Award 1999 from Yayasan Seni Rupa Indonesia. His personal expression is inseparable from the concept of performance painting, as well as the physical gestures of the artistic process with his own technique of pouring and dripping paint to create his energetic abstract paintings. Besides being a painter Putu Bonuz is also a poet. He is an artist witha poet's mind, and his affection for poetry informs and enriches his paintings. In his own words, his works "actually signify the poetry behind it. He loves black color as black is elegant and symbolize perfection.He prefers to keep the story behind his abstract paintings as a mystery. Everyone is welcomed to make their own interpretations.