Made Gunawan

Born in Apuan Tabanan Bali, on July 14, 1973. He graduated with his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (S1) from Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Denpasar (Indonesian Fine Art Institute). Made Gunawan pursued his career as a professional artist in 2001. After meeting Mr. Hendra Hadiprana in Bali he got an opportunity to have a solo exhibition at Gallery Hadiprana in 2002 This was a milestone for his career, as he leaped into the world of art and became a famous and successful young Balinese artist. He won frequent awards for his uniquely style, using his own expressive drawing line combined technique to create his paintings.
In 2011 and 2013 he was selected to join the Beijing Biennale. In the late 2004, Made Gunawan debuted the successful new-iconic paintings elephant themes. In 2012, he introduced his very popular collection "tree of life", that was inspired by traditional Balinese paintings called Batuan Style. He said he was inspired by the global community that faces the great challenge of climate change. However, he believes that art can make a difference. Art does not show people what to do, but it can make the world felt and motivate people to turn from just thinking into doing something.