Made Duatmika

He was born as the sixth son of ten siblings on 1970 in Yeh Embang Jembrana Bali, Indonesia. His talent in art was inherited from his mother who was a dancer and his father as a maker of dancer’s hair decorations. Since he was in the early elementary school until he finished junior school in a village at western coast of Bali, he regularly sent by his school teacher to took part in some art competitions. He won the prize many times. It built his great interest and passion towards art and made him to pursue his ambition in art.  In 1990 Duatmika made up his mind to fulfill his dream. He was given by his family the privilege of going to study art in Denpasar. That was an expensive undertaking for his family at that time. Denpasar was still regarded as being far away in term in both distance and in people’s mind. But Made Duatmika was ready to leave his hometown.
Life in the big city must have been quite culture shock for him, a very young man who grown up in the remote countryside. But he proved himself successful in education as he can finished his stydy in SMSR and ISI Denpasar Bali with good achievement. Although to achieve this he must be smart to manage the time working hard to earn money to support his living expenses. Positively it quite forges him fully commit and concentrated of becoming a professional artist. With his great effort, discipline, integrity and passion had made him find his passion, an artist with very own special style of painting. His works are wellknown exciting – for their technical accomplishment, rich of color, characters and style,  depth of tone,  gradation and abundance of “crisp” detail.  We called his style of painting Naivism. But he never really bothered, he didn’t mind to which genre or art style, they would categorize his work.  Duatmika just wanted to create more and more that made him won many art awards.