Ketutu Susena

I Ketut Susena was born in Yeh Embang, Jembrana – Bali in 14 February 1969. He was graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia (STSI) Denpasar, Bali. Regarded as one of Balinese modern painters, Ketut Susena often hold solo and group exhibitions both nation-wide and internationally. This include countries like Singapore and Germany. In 1995 he has awarden  Best Painting in his campus STSI Denpasar. In 1997 he was a finalist in Phillip Morris Indonesia Art Competition.  In  November 2008, he held a solo exhibition entitled “Grand Wing of Silence” in Han Lin Gallery, Beijing. His paintings show a strength in depicting Mother Earth. No boundaries, free – in a mysterious silence. These have been the characters of Ketut Susena’s artworks. His approach in painting has opened a new window in how we view the nature.
Susena as a painter is inspired by light. In addition there are also nature, sky, mountains, sea, rivers and ravines. Why does he put the light first? Because light creates shapes, dimensions and colors. The lines of Susena's paintings seem to breathe, the result of visual integration between herself and the surrounding natural space. In the form of sounds in the forest, birds and insects, friction of leaves and wind, rain and waves. The sea and mountains are breaths that come and go. For Susena her paintings are "her respect" for nature. A poetic atmosphere spread throughout Ketut Susena's paintings. They flow like language in poetry but sometimes are silent in silence. Susena is an artist who works as a poet in the visual world.
After graduating from university in 1995, Susena became more creative and instrumental. When making artworks, he refuses to follow common standards, but still respects Balinese tradition and customs.   He is unique not only in his artwork but also in his behavior. Susena’s studio in West Bali has an unusual atmosphere because he saw rocks, wood and dried coconut fruit, which all were treated like archeological objects. The artist had picked them up from rivers, beaches and other places.