Hadiprana Gallery Artist Interview 

In this Artist interview, we give you a glimpse of the past and present times of Hadiprana Gallery. Our interview took place at Tanah Gajah Resort, a place of memory for our founder, Mr. Hendra Hadiprana. This time, we featured Putu Bonuz Sudiana, a Balinese abstract painter who gave his heart to his art under the guidance of Oom Henk, the nickname of Hadiprana's founder, as a patron of art.

Now a fully established abstract artist, Putu Bonuz Sudiana shared his insights and history with Ms. Puri Hadiprana, the next generation of Hadiprana's family. Putu Bonuz Sudiana's solo exhibition at Hadiprana Gallery made way for more exposure to his abstract paintings for more recognition on local and international stages. Let us hear his journey from his first aspirations to his ideas to translate nature into his artworks.
21 September 2023
25 August 2023


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