Private Viewing

19 August 2022

2.00 - 4.00 pm

Hadiprana Gallery spent 60 years preparing, nurturing, motivating and promoting Indonesian artists to rise and gain international standards in the global art industry. The Hadiprana artists made this celebration especially outstanding, as we have just recovered from the pandemic and its aftermath.

Our family circle expanded when the two ambassadors made their way to view our exhibition. Mrs Jana Chlebova Beckova, the wife of His Excellency Jaroslav Chelbo and His Excellency Mr Volodymyr Pakhil, the ambassador of Ukraine who came with Mrs Georgina Mieke, all came to enjoy the 60 artworks presented at the main gallery. 

We also took great delight in welcoming the models from the Women's Internation Club of Jakarta. The ladies from different countries presented Agnes Budhisurya's collection with grace and poise. The most important cause was Hadiprana Gallery gave 30% of the sales profit to the Maria Lukito foundation and Basecamp Pademangan for the less fortunate children.

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