T: 51cm, L: 22cm, P: 38cm. 

Patung Keramik Semar has a very unique physical form. its round body is a symbol of the earth, the place live humans and other creatures. Semar is always smiling, but with puffy eyes. Symbol of joy and sorrow. Her face is old but her hair is in a bun like a child, as a symbol of old and young. He is male, but has breasts like women, as a symbol of men and women. He is the incarnation of a god but lives as a commoner, as a symbol of superiors and subordinates. 

This work is made of clay from Sukabumi, West Java, made with the technique of building and decorating reliefs and Sqrafito, burned at a temperature of 1,250 c is the sole work of F. Widayanto in 2017 without duplication.

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